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Meet Jon

Jon is a landscape architect who brings beautiful green spaces to life. He is passionate about creating new parks and quiet areas for people to play, share, and build memories.


Jon is a dedicated husband, son, brother, friend, and business owner. He’s the type of guy who will move mountains to help someone he loves.


Jon loves to sail and races competitively with a team of his closest friends. He’s very handy and enjoys woodworking.

He's a huge goofball who's just a big kid at heart. He's always making up silly songs and words to make Nadia laugh. He also gives the best hugs!


He also keeps all the houseplants alive and runs around with the dogs every day when he gets home (their absolute favorite time of the day). 

Jon built our chickens a mini playground when they were little and a custom coop when they were older. That's the kind of dad he is.

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