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Our Home

We live in a charming waterfront village in New York. We landed here 10 years ago and have never looked back. The sunset over the harbor is pure magic. We lived downtown for many years before buying our home 4 years ago.

Our town has a great history and a strong sense of community. It also has many family-friendly traditions like live music in the park, art shows, street fairs, and parades.


We have an excellent school system and opportunities for different activities like sailing, swimming, ballet, karate, and science camp! And if we’re ever craving a little bit more, we take a quick train ride to New York City.


We've renovated our home through the years so it reflects us and our interests. We've created the perfect space for a little one to grow up here.

Our favorite part of our home is the organic garden we built in our backyard. We plant seeds in the spring and harvest the most delicious fruits and veggies through the fall.


Our garden is fully equipped with a chicken coop that Jon built! Our hens lay fresh eggs for us daily and we love watching them run around the backyard. 

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