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Meet Our Loves



Our three-year old Aussie mix, Rowley, is the absolute light of our lives! Rowley is the sweetest, most gentle dog. He’s an old soul who is wise beyond his years.


We rescued him from a local shelter and have been inseparable ever since. Rowley comes with us everywhere: on our sailboat, on vacation, on errands, to family parties, and especially on hikes. Rowley has hiked every single mountain with us since he came into our lives. He’s an absolute pro. 


Rowley's incredibly patient with his "little sister," Bloom, and super sweet with both kids and adults. He always knows when someone is sad and needs a little puppy love.


This year we volunteered to raise an energetic black Lab puppy named Bloom. Bloom is a guide dog in training! Since she was 8 weeks old, we have been teaching her the basic skills she needs to be a well-behaved and intuitive dog. In a few months, she will go to formal guide dog training and will hopefully be a guide for someone who’s blind!


Our Boys

Our hearts also beat for our three baby boys who live in the stars. We lost our first baby seven months into pregnancy, and two more after that. 

Saying hello and goodbye in the same moment cracked our hearts open and our love has been pouring out ever since. We want more than anything to be able to give that love to a living child.


Though losing our babies has been the hardest and most painful experience, we are now more compassionate and understanding. We know grief and loss, and we always try to help others with broken hearts.


We are better at communicating with each other and standing up for what we believe in. We know how to ask for help and when to reach out for support. We know what’s important in life, and what’s not.

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