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About Us

Nadia is a science writer who works at home. She writes about cancer treatments and other information for cancer patients. Jon owns a landscape construction company. He works all over New York building beautiful parks and gardens. Our jobs are very stable and we have great incomes. 


We’ve been together for 13 years and married for 6. We met in college and did 3 years of long distance—it was hard but worth it!


We decided to adopt after going through years of devastating pregnancy losses. But we think it will make us more understanding parents and also more supportive of the birth parents who choose us.


We would like an open adoption because we think it’s important for adopted kids to know where they came from and how many people love them! 


We live in Long Island, New York, in a beautiful town on the water. We’ve lived here for 10 years and loved it so much we bought our house 4 years ago. It’s a short walk into town to watch the sunset on the harbor, go to the playground, see the parades or street fairs, or grab ice cream.


Our favorite part of our home is our backyard garden. We grow lots of different veggies and even have a few fruit trees. We also have a few chickens for fresh eggs! Jon built them a pretty little chicken coop.


We have a big circle of family, friends, and awesome neighbors who can’t wait to welcome a new baby into the mix and are so ready to help us raise him or her. They are so supportive and we’ve had a lot of love during our toughest times.


We also have a dog named Rowley who is the light of our lives! He’s a 5-year-old rescue dog and an old soul. He loves kids and is super patient. We also recently fostered a puppy named Bloom who is now in training to be a service dog for an army Veteran! We are so proud of her!!

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