About Us

We met in college and it was love at first sight (for Jon). He asked Nadia for her number and she said no! But we kept running into each other and soon started dating. We’ve been together for 12 years and married for 6. 


Our favorite things are sailing and swimming in the ocean, growing fruits and veggies in our garden, sunset walks on the beach with our dogs, and hanging out in the backyard with our chickens. We also like to travel to explore the National Parks and new cities.

We want to share all this (and more) with a child and their birth family. We can't wait to go hiking in the nearby nature preserve, play games in front of the fireplace, and make creative projects at home.


Most of all, we're looking forward to the little things: diaper changes, sleepless nights, eating pancakes together, doing homework, and going to little league games. We can't wait for it all.


Our child will be loved and protected by so many people. We have a big circle and are surrounded by so much love.


Family traditions are big for us both and we're looking forward to creating some of our own with our future children, like making homemade pasta on valentine's day, hiking in the mountains on New Years Eve, and donating to charities for Christmas.